28-Day Meal Plan for Weight Loss

28-Day Meal Plan for Weight Loss
28-Day Meal Plan for Weight Loss

Hello everyone,

If Ketosis Diet (or Keto Diet for Short) has gained your interest, then this 28-Day Keto Challenge review is for you. Don’t miss it out before making your buying decision.

To build a lean, and a healthy body, one must have a complete plan. There is no getting away from this fact. Individuals must know what they have to eat and how thay to live to achieve success from any diet plan.

Not only that, they have to prepare a complete nutritional plan according to their body shape and daily schedule. For some, this takes years of work along with lots of trials and errors. Hitting a gym and completing your workouts is the easy part of fat loss, but the HARDEST part is figuring out a nutritional plan that provides enough nutrients in your body to burn fat.

Over 70% enquiries I received was related to nutrition.

    • How many calories I have to eat?
    • Does keto diet work?
    • How many proteins I have to eat?
    • Are carbs good or bad?
    • Should I avoid fats?

    And most common of all, how I combine everything and create a diet plan that includes keto-friendly recipes.

    You’ll get all these answers when you read next section, how I found this program?

    How I Came Across 28-Day Keto Challenge Program?

    A few months back, I was checking out my Facebook and notice many fitness enthusiasts started talking about 28 Day Keto Challenge plan by a website called Keto Resources. This website was selling a bundle of seven eBooks to kill the guessing game (that comes with any new diet) and help people follow Keto diet for a whole month to get results. I was instantly interested.

    As I read over the literature of the website, I was thinking to myself, “It’s very important for someone to combine all the resources that are strictly for Keto diet.” Although many websites are providing recipes of Keto diet but to my knowledge, there isn’t any place where one can get a PROPER 28 DAYS PLAN to follow a Keto diet.

    Well, I’m happy to say, I finally got the resource. After a quick reading to 28-Day Keto Challenge review, I downloaded the resource, which entitled:

    “28-Day Keto Challenge – Everything You Need For Keto Success”

    This Keto resource contained seven eBooks along with three bonus:

    • Keto Diet: The Basics
    • Keto and Friends: Dealing With Social Pressure
    • Intermittent Fasting: Tips For Success
    • Eating On Keto
    • Macros: A Look at Macronutrients
    • Keto Flu: Beating It A Healthy Way
    • Ketosis: Tips For Staying In Ketosis
    • [Bonus] Keto Desserts
    • [Bonus] Avocado Recipes
    • [Bonus] Keto Supplement Guide

    My favorite book was “Eating On Keto” because recipes are well laid out in this book and they are super easy to understand. Not only recipes, but this book also provides a nutritional plan and tips that make things much easier. This book doesn’t provide nor did I want to re-read the information that I didn’t understand – I always wanted a simple plan to follow.

    Without much trouble, I picked up one recipe each for breakfast, lunch, dinner and printed them out. I stuck the papers on my fridge door. Once I was satisfied I headed to the local grocery store and bought the ingredients. I provided three sample recipes from this book in the section – My Personal Favorite 28 Days Keto Challenge Recipes.

    If you also want to get all these Keto resources then click the button below:

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    What Is 28 Day Keto Challenge System?

    Are you a complete beginner to the Keto Diet? Do you want to learn about ketosis? Are you unhappy with your health and body shape and want to burn fat as fast as possible? In this program, you will get all your answers.

    This program will teach you how to achieve Ketosis state so that your body will burn stored fats rather than carbohydrate for fuel. There is so much to learn from this program.


    This Keto Challenge will help you to follow the Keto diet by showing you secrets and tips to achieve the Ketosis state as quickly as possible. This program created by a group called Keto Resources that knows a lot about human health and how to get maximum benefit from the Keto diet.

    This program also tells you how to recover quickly from Keto Flu. Those who don’t know, Keto Flu is a collection of symptoms that often people experience when they first start the Keto diet. These symptoms are similar to flu that occurs when the body starts adopting new changes.

    This is not a fake or scam product. If you read 28-Day Keto Challenge reviews over the internet, then you will realize people are talking very highly about this program.

    I did a lot of research about this program and gathered facts as much as possible to share with my readers in this review. Below you will find out how this program works.

    How 28-Day Keto Challenge by Keto Resources Works?

    If you look at this program, then there are two main objectives of this program. First, this program helps you find the best foods for your Keto Diet that help you burn a good amount of fat right from the first month. The second main objective of this program is to give you 28 days plan so that you can stick with the Keto diet to at least a month to see great changes in your body.

    This program combines food with a proper plan to show you results in just a month time.

    Oh before I forget, you will get 60 days money back guarantee as well. This means you can follow this 28 days nutrition plan for two months and if you don’t see any changes in your body (for whatever reason) you can return the program and get your full money back.

    This program provides you a challenge that helps you in sticking with this plan for 28 days.

    Is this the best opportunity to get your desired body?


    Considering a lot of huge success stories of the Keto diet and this money back guarantee, YES this is your best opportunity to take maximum advantage of the Keto diet. There is no guesswork, and everything is laid out for you. Follow it for just 28 days to see changes in your body.

    This program provides you:

    Full Guide To Testing Ketosis – You will learn about Ketosis. This will give you a good understanding of what is going into your body. This is very good information for beginners.

    Weekly Shopping List – This program will give you a list of foods that you need to prepare Keto recipes. By having this list, you will save your time and money from buying junk foods.

    Weekly Overview Of All Meals – This chapter grabs my attention. This chapter provides a weekly overview of all meals and the macronutrients that you are going to eat. This information about foods will stop you from going off the track.

    Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks – This is a complete Keto resource in a bundle. You will get ten recipes for breakfast, 14 recipes each for lunch and dinner. These are simple and well-done recipes. And above all, all ingredients mentioned in these recipes are easily available from the grocery store.

    So, download this Keto Resource and start a new chapter in your life.

    Well there’s something special for you in this review…

    How is the 28-Day Keto Challenge Program Different Than Other Cooking Books?

    After using this Keto program for eight weeks, I found this program tackle three major problems when it comes to weight loss.

    I think it is important to discuss these three common problems in this 28-Day Keto Challenge review:

    Problem #1

    I know many widespread ‘healthy fat loss’ cookbooks use wrong ingredients in their recipes.

    Instead of boosting your metabolism, these unhealthy ingredients encourages the body to store fat. Some examples are high-calorie dressings, sugar, and margarine.

    In short, these so-called ‘healthy fat loss’ cookbooks are not optimized as a fat burning diet and don’t give you results that you are looking for.

    Problem #2

    The second most common problem I noticed in many cookbooks is they are not well organized to help you create an easy and effective meal plan. Most cookbooks are just a bunch of easy recipes that put together in a book.

    You will pick recipe what you feel like at a certain time of the day. However, one of the critical benefits of the 28-Day Keto Challenge program is to give you knowledge about what to eat at what hour of the day.

    Problem #3

    Another problem is most cookbooks contains only a few tasty recipes. Most of the time, you will be eating un-metabolic recipes, again and again, day after day.



    I know it must have happened with you before if you followed a mainstream diet plan as I did.

    In the beginning, these easy and quick recipes helped you in getting some weight loss but in the long term they didn’t provide permanent and visible results.

    This occurs because, when you eat the same food again and again then this contributes to slow down of your metabolism and you are not going to get any more weight loss, instead this only maintains your weight.

    If you have tried any weight loss program before, then I am sure you will not disagree with these problems. I saw these three problems numerous times when we become dependent on the same weight loss recipes. If we keep our diet same, then we will see no change whatsoever!

    Final Verdict:

    After spending lots of hours on the internet, I discovered that no site or program provides that much info on Keto diet as it is provided inside 28 Days Keto Challenge program.

    I tried this program and saw visible different in my belly and thighs before creating this 28-Day Keto Challenge review.

    I don’t know what I love most in the program if it is the ease of preparing Keto recipes with simple ingredients or the benefits I receive after 30 days or the information I received about Keto diet.

    If someone had told me a year ago that it is possible to burn 25 pounds in 30 days, then I would have a laugh at that miracle diet! Now we have a diet that is proving again and again to provide that sort of results along with numerous other side benefits that comes by following a healthy diet and weight loss.

    If you are not a fan of physical books, then you purchase and download these seven eBooks from the official website of this program that is 28dayketo

    This may disadvantage for some people who don’t have a tablet as they have to print out recipes. However, these eBooks can be open in any PDF reader.

    The truth is, this disadvantage can’t subside the benefits that you can get from this program.

    This program is definitely worth the try if you want a healthy, and fit body.

    I hope you liked this 28-Day Keto Challenge review and I would like to give it 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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